How to bulk install WordPress plugins & themes in one click

Websites usually require plugins to work correctly. Plugins help you customize your website based on the purpose is of the website. Website owners usually have a list of plugins that they use on their website, and those plugins help the website owners create a unique experience for the user of the website. But, when it comes to optimization and customization of the website, there is a slight issue that always occurs, and that is the time spent reinstalling the plugins. See, all of those plugins need to be reinstalled one by one, which can cost the website owner a lot of time, and if the site is down for a very long time, people are going to forget about it or think that it does not exist anymore and just stop searching for it. That is why there is a workaround to all of this, a plugin that will solve that problem for you in just a couple of clicks – meet the WordPress Reset plugin.


WP Reset is a wonderful plugin that can be a life savior in some situations, but in this article, we will focus on the collections. The collections feature will allow you to create folders containing themes and plugins that you can install in a matter of minutes. We are going to go through some of the real possibilities of this feature; the first one is adding a new collection. There are three steps you need to follow if you want to make a new collection:

  1. Click on the add new collection button
  2. Name the collection and/or add a description of the collection
  3. Confirm it by clicking on the blue button that says „ add a new collection. “

If you want to add plugins and themes to the collection, simply follow these steps in order to add them:

  1. Choose a collection where you want to add the theme or the plugin to
  2. Click on the button „add a new plugin or theme“ button within the collection

After adding the preferred plugins and themes to the collection that you want, to install them, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose the collection that you want to install
  2. You will see an „install collection“ menu with an arrow next to it on the left side. Click on it and choose the „install and activate collection“ option
  3. Wait for WP Reset to go through the list and do the job for you

With WP Reset installing and managing plugins should not be complicated whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the plugin does most of the work for you; all you have to do is activate it. Other than the option to have a collection of plugins and install them all at once, you can also remove certain plugins from your collection or the entire collection and access collections from different sites, edit them, or reload them from the Cloud. If you want to check out detailed instructions on managing, adding, and removing your collections, we will be leaving a link for it here.

Author: Katherine Swett